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    2. Set scientific research and development, production and sales Focus on the development and improvement of recycled plastic cleaning products

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      Product name:Whitening cleaning powder

      Update time:2020-01-17 11:39:00

      1、 Product function introduction: Zhaoyang brand pet bottle cleaning powder has a strong ability to remove oil, grease, stain, protein, label glue and peculiar smell. After cleaning, the bottle is white, bright, transparent and glossy. It has low cost and good cleaning effect.

      2、 Product appearance and packaging: white powder without fluorescent agent, 25kg bag, shelf life of 3 years.

      3、 Usage:

      (1)Add clean water to the cleaning equipment, and then add cleaning powder and caustic soda according to the proportion of cleaning powder: caustic soda: water = 1:1:100

      (2)Add about 3kg of cleaning powder for each 1t bottle piece. For materials with heavy oil pollution, the amount of cleaning powder will increase.

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